Christian Posters For Church

Here is a hand-picked selection of the finest Christian posters for Church available. A little back-story: having some experience in illustration and design my Pastor asked me to recommend some posters for our humble Church.  I thought it would be an easy task–but let me tell you, it wasn’t! There is a lot out there… and not very much of it is very good at all unfortunately. I look for posters made by people with Christian sensibilities. I look for designers with God given talent, faith and humility. And that takes some searching! I’ve ended up with a pretty big list of posters you would want to see in a Christian Church and figured I may as well share it with everyone. And, I’ll be updating it regularly as I find more great art so come back regularly or visit on Facebook to see the latest posters!

The Best Christian Posters For Church.

In God We Trust
An inspirational and beautifully designed poster which reminds us to trust in God–a simple but true message which is repeated to infinity. This is a great Christian poster for Church with a modern design which suits many different architectural and room types.

Portrait of Jesus
A beautiful and classic portrait of Jesus for the Faithful. Worshipers will love the image in this poster.

This deeply spiritual and masterful painting of Christ Crucified makes a perfect poster for your Church. Jesus is depicted as serene, noble and dignified at a time of great pain when he died for our sins.
A simple poster with a simple message: one Lord, Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, eternally begotten of the Father, God from God, Light from Light, true God from true God, begotten, not made, one in Being with the Father. Great colors with a bold font to fit this bold message!
One of my favorite posters (I actually have it at home!) this one really speaks for itself. Great artwork and a great sense of design. It works really beautifully on both brick and plaster backgrounds. I prefer it in a frame because it somehow gives a sense that the crosses may go on to infinity behind the frame.
A more humble image of the cross which might have more appeal due to the simple nature of the design and modest colors. This poster can be as large as 1 meter x 1 meter.
Psalm 119:11
Taken by a Christian photographer, this poster uses a photo of a teenager and child reading the Bible together to symbolize one of the ways that God’s Word is passed through the generations. Included on the poster is text from Psalm 119:11 “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.”
A quote from Psalm 46:10 “He says, “Be still, and know that I am God” with a lovely, calligraphic font and pastel background design. This would suit a modern Church.
This is a really cleverly designed poster of the Christian Church year, from the season of Advent to Thanksgiving. Perfect for worshipers because it helps you reclaim a sense of sacred time as opposed to the hustle and bustle and consumer-driven holidays of the modern calendar!
A lovely stained-glass window print of Jesus Christ, Our Savior. I’m not sure which church this is originally from or if this is an illustration in the style of stain glass. Either way I find it to be very uplifting!
This is a simple and straight forward poster listing the Ten Commandments. Not one of my top ten but it prints out better than doing it on your home printer!
This is an amazing print of the Ten Commandments based on a vintage print with colorful and lively calligraphy. It’s eye-catching and really decorative.
This clever, modern designed poster is titled “Christian Believers” and includes the text “I believe that Jesus Christ is The Son of God and my Savior.” This is great for Church because it not only looks great (I love the incorporation of the Cross into the Ichthys) but it also reinforces the power of belief in Jesus Christ.
A beautiful representation of the flag of Christiandom which can be printed up to 1.5 meters wide. The cross of red symbolizes the blood Jesus shed of Calvary; blue represents the waters of baptism and the faithfulness of Jesus; the white is the purity of Jesus and surrender.
This is a funny poster which gives you a list of all the ‘phone’ numbers you need in times of crisis. Really, the numbers are quotes and verses from the Bible–a clever reminder that there is really only one place we should turn to in times of need.
What a cool poster with a great message! Don’t just GO to Church. BE the Church.
If you’re looking for a good image of the Cross for your Church then this might be the one. Beautifully stylized with a true sense of the ethereal, it really takes your thoughts out of this world and to the Devine.
Another cross design but this one is quite different. Based on a stone-tile mosaic design it may work better in older buildings as opposed to the one above.
I love a good humorous Christian message and this one is just perfect! Keep calm and pray on! It works so well because we’re struck by the humor first and then the message slowly sinks in: the power of prayer and the Love of God is all we need in our lives and His word is our guiding path.
What a cool way to display all the names of God and Jesus from the Scriptures! Putting these into this kind of typographical arrangement would have taken a lot of time and care. I think it looks fantastic and makes a stunning poster for Church!