Christian Posters For The Classroom

Here is a hand-picked selection of the finest Christian posters for the classroom available. Finding good posters for the classroom can be a real challenge. You need to find the right balance between something the kids will appreciate and something that has value from an educational standpoint as well as a Christian message. Not an easy task!

A good poster doesn’t always have to have text on it. Sometimes just a simple image can be powerful enough to have an impact. Kids can sometimes learn so much from a simple message or an inspirational image. And, some of the best classroom posters have a bit of humor too! There’s definitely a lot out there and not all of it is good. So, hopefully this list will make your life easier–a collection of images I’ve found for the best Christian posters for the classroom. I’ll keep adding to the list so come back to visit again either here or on Facebook to see the latest posters!

Jesus on the Cross
A simple but powerful photo of a beautiful sculpture of Jesus being crucified. Taken from a low angle, looking up at Jesus and into the beautiful blue sky and Heaven beyond. It is a reminder that He died for our sins.

Cross Design

This is a simple cross design which is also very decorative. It has a youthful feel and the appeal for kids is that it’s not a literal interpretation of the cross but more illustrative.

Colors, colors, colors! Few things appeal to kids more than colors and this poster of crosses has a lot of it!  It would make a great wallpaper too!
This is a fun poster that’s ‘interactive’. Push the button for forgiveness from God. It just gets kids thinking and involved in the messages of Christianity and the teachings of the Bible.
“God truth decay? Brush up on the Bible”. Every child knows that they must brush their teeth twice daily to avoid tooth decay–we’re taught this from a young age! But not every child thinks about the wisdom of God in the same way. This is a great poster because it makes them think about developing good habits and viewing the Bible as something that should be as much a part of their lives as any other daily routine. Except this one will cleanse the Spirit.
It’s hard to find a kid who is not spending most of their time online these days. The wireless signal is familiar to us all and the internet is a place where most youth turn to in order to find an outlet for their thoughts and bring them closer to others. But there’s a better form wireless communication that’s also a direct line to Heaven!
A simple but truthful message which will hopefully get a few people thinking. These posters work great for the classroom because they speak so directly to the kids, making them think about the message and ask more questions and eventually find their way to the correct answers!
What a cute poster! With lots of colors and a beautiful reminder that Jesus loves everyone. It just may inspire your class to make some similar posters of their own.
A companion to the poster above, it has the same vibrant colors that kids love and a reminder to pray every day.
A sweet interpretation of the Nativity designed with young children in mind.
One of the most famous verses from the Bible, Psalm 23 “The Lord is My Shepherd”. A perfect poster for the classroom with the message in which we Christians can find so much reassurance.
This is a really cute drawing from a vintage illustration of a Christmas choir singing in Church. Innocence and piety in a single image!
This is a much more modern poster. Cool not only visually but also with the true and inspirational message that children should be reminded of every day. Nothing is impossible with God!
I love this poster as it has so cleverly put together the seasons of the Christian year into a visual diagram which starts at the top with Advent. Perfect for any educational institution.
I think children would get so much out of this poster in the classroom. Each of the 30 verses remind us that Jesus knew who he was: “I belong to God Do you know Who you are?”
Inspired by Isaiah 11:6 The wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the young goat, and the calf and the lion and the fattened calf together; and a little child shall lead them.
Very appealing visually, this poster is the well-known verse Matthew 25:40 “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”
A collage of Christian words and words related to Christianity which form the cross.
The designer of this poster has said that they understand how difficult it can sometimes be to openly display your faith in public. So this poster serves as a reminder that the best form of hand to hand combat is not violence. It is prayer.
From the same designer, this poster has very clever typographical arrangement with two messages in one! Look carefully and you’ll get it!
The 66 books of the Bible–a perfect poster for any Christian classroom.
A fun, simple and reassuring message for kids (and even adults!). It’s bold and clear and true!
A very cute poster for Sunday School! Lots of kids from all different walks of life holding up each of the letters contained in the word ‘Sunday School’.
This poster was designed to remind children (and adults) that we all have talents and these were gifts we were given. We must never forget to use these gifts to praise God and to live well.
Another funny poster with a Christian take on the secular message to exercise regularly. We Christians must do this by walking with God!
A clever poster which the message that God doesn’t grade on the Curve!